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Swati Mishra
Swati MishraUpdated 7 days ago

A mind blowing Battlefield experience

Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter that is set during World War One. It was created for the Playstation 4, XBox One and for Windows computers. You are probably used to WW1 games by now, and recognize that they usually mean lower-tech hardware and tinny machinery, but not in this game. This game is hard-core and blisteringly realistic. You haven't experienced an explosion until you have felt it in Battlefield 1.

Unlike the games it reminds you of

At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking "Medal of Honor," but play a little and you will see there is a world of difference. The gameplay is far smoother, and there is far more going on around you than a Medal of Honor game. You are fighting in World War 1 from a first person perspective, where your gun is held to the bottom left or right of your screen until you start to shoot. Run through the story in a linear fashion, but in an environment that feels open world/sandbox. Follow your mission parameters and get caught up in battles and dramas as you go. The graphics are out of this world, so you will need a gaming PC if you are not using a console. The story is human based, it is not really about winning the war, it is about the people in it. The story and character acting seems to be inspired by the war movie Fury.

Crackling firework explosions and hard hitting drama

As PC war gaming has taught us, sound is everything, and the creators of Battlefield 1 know it. Shoot somebody close up, and you can actually hear their bones break as the bullets fly through. The sounds of the explosions are crisp, and the sound of the guns is not too repetitive, which is a big plus in a first-person shooter like this. The graphics are amazing, but they are not perfect. As with many war games, the character's faces look a little off. Given current console technology, they could have done a little more with the character's faces. Instead, they have put most of their effort into effects, which is why the game looks fantastic when a battle is in full swing. The creators have added quite a lot of variety into the game, since you jump from one scenario on foot, to another in a plane, and another in a balloon and so forth. It adds to the replayability of the game, but takes away from the perceived realism of the game. Sadly, the creators have snipped chunks out of the game so they may make sales with downloadable content. For example, you cannot play as the French unless you pay extra.


The story is a new, albeit time-tested, war drama, and the gameplay is well above average. EA have spoiled it a little by being so money grubbing and forcing players to pay extra with downloadable content before they are able to enjoy the whole game. Nevertheless, if you have bought a gaming PC, a Playstation 4 or Xbox One, then Battlefield 1 is the reason you paid all that money.


  • A world war one game that maintains a fair amount of variety
  • The explosions and effects are amazing
  • Not so much duck-and-cover gameplay


  • The facial modeling is below par
  • You have played this sort of storyline before
  • Not cartoonish, but also not a realistic game

User reviews about Battlefield 1

  • Shkupi GamingTV

    by Shkupi GamingTV

    I love Battlefield 1 this game is so much good and the gameplay is so good and i love this game cuz is so good game and is my favorite game.


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